S-Capsule OMS code OMS Secure Print


OMS Secure Print (Printout Control Solution)


There is an urgent need to address printout security issues,
a blind spot for information leakage.
OMS Secure Print, a powerful Printout Control Solution for tracking illegal printout leaks


○ Identification Function of illegal Spill

∘ Information Hidden Watermark with invisibility and 2D Barcodes
Tracking information leaks through application of information hidden watermark
High-density 2D barcode injection enables you to obtain detailed information such as the title of the printed document and who printed it
Once the illegally printed output has been taken, the creator of the printout can be tracked
Instantly verify who printed through mobile apps


○ Personal Information(keyword) Based Printout Control

∘ Configuration Personal Information(keyword)-based printout control
Possible to control Printout according to the detection criteria of important information
Separate log management and administrator notification when printing documents with important information


○ Printout Log·Statistics Function

∘ Convenient Statistical Information·Printout Content Verification
– Printout volume statistics by user/period
– Personal Information(keyword) violation statistics by user/period
– Extract information about who produces the most output and personal information(keyword) violations
– Save and check the printout raw data



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