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S-Capsule(Secure Capsule)


“Information security products, do not regret to choose properly”

Know your threats and problems and use your security budget effectively


Serious leakage of key information assets by authorized personnel
More than 90% of leaks in critical information assets are caused by authorized users and partner employees

Increased cost of introduction and lower system performance
Existing information security products have serious product segmentation by function, increased cost burden due to the installation of many different products, partial function duplication, conflict between different products, and system performance degradation.

No complex application service control solution
No optimized solution supporting s/w development, CAD design, and s/w configuration management environment


“S-Capsule”, the best information leakage prevention all-in-one solution
to reduce costs and take care of everything




– Important information assets are forcibly stored in the encrypted security area of ​​the user’s PC and secured based on kernel control
– Access to only authorized users when delivering important files to outside, export control outside of security area
– Self-protection function to delete file automatically when unauthorized reading attempt
– Control all applications as it is in the existing environment – Trace illegal outflows



○ Corporate internal environment

· important data inside the company is forcibly stored and controlled in the encrypted security area
· only authorized applications can access the security area, and cannot be illegally exported outside the security area.


○ Corporate External environment

· Shared/collaborative data protection in an external company environment is controlled within the encrypted security area (kernel-based control).
· System authentication and external user authentication using smartphone (applying screen authentication code based on private algorithm)
· The encrypted area can be accessed only through dedicated explorer



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[ S-Capsule Main Function ]

○ Secure kernel-based data protection

• Force storage of data in an encrypted security area(virtual drive)
– Force critical information assets to be stored in an encrypted security area

• Kernel-based data access control and unauthorized leak prevention
– Allow only authorized applications to access the security area (ransomware response)
– Data export control via removable media, general drive, email, messenger, etc. (media control)

• Ensure a safe operating environment
– Stable operating environment with low possibility of application dependency / crash due to kernel-based data control


○ All applications can be controlled

• Control all applications as they are
– Control of all applications including MS-Office, CAD, s/w development tools and configuration management environment


○ Strong user authentication and self data protection

∘ Strong external user authentication for sustainable security of sensitive files sent outwards
System authentication of the external receiver PC
Validation of receiver by combining smartphone’s unique information of external receiver and screen authentication code based on private algorithm


∘ Automatically delete external transmission file when authentication fails

– Automatically delete external transmission file when system authentication or user authentication of receiver smartphone fails
– Automatically delete externally transmitted files when the expiration date and the number of readings are exceeded

∘ Analysis Prevention
– Prevent external file analysis by applying Anti-Revering technology


○ Screen and printout security

∘ Screen capture prevention function
– Prevent screen capture through print screen and professional capture tool

∘ Output Illegal Spill Tracking
Tracking the creator of output through the installation of high-density print certification code, and forgery of original data
Possible to trace output creator with information hidden watermark
It can manage the physical export history of security paper by interlocking with other security paper solution (Establish an on-offline data leakage prevention system)



○ Always monitor internal policy violations and identify blacklists

∘ Always monitor policy violations and save events
– Collect and save related logs in case of policy violations such as file copy, file move, clipboard copy, screen capture, etc.
– Blacklist classification and notification to administrator when the threshold is exceeded


○ Secure and easy internal sharing

∘ Easy sharing of data in security area through agent program
Easily share data between the security area in the same way as file sharing with familiar groupware
Enhanced safety in network channels when sharing(Data is included in the encrypted virtual disk and shared in the form of a protected file, automatically stored in the security area of the receiver PC)



○ Media control and network control

∘ USB and mobile media can be blocked
– external storage media can be controlled according to policy setting

∘ Firewall function
– Built-in blocking of IP, port, application according to policy setting


○ Support safe and efficient collaboration environment

∘ Support internal and external policy dualization function in external environment (partner PC)
– Sharing data in the form of a protected file including a secure drive encrypted when transferring data
– Control of illegal export of only data in protected file sent to outside based on kernel
– External organizations’ own data are excluded from control and managed in accordance with external agency


○ Efficient Management

∘ Save document history for efficient document management
Store and manage all history related to important information assets such as file export history, file sharing transmission / reception history, print print history, file browsing history, policy violations, policy change history
Stored log information can be viewed at any time with a convenient web interface



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[ S-Capsule Main Screen ]

○ S-Capsule agent and mobile app screen for user terminal

○ S-Capsule Operation Server Screen



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